Photo of Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park Teddybear Cholla cacti, Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park, California. These plants are well adapted for life in an environment in which water is a very scarce resource.

EEB 2245/2245W (Evolutionary Biology)

EEB 2245/W is a course in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. The primary goal of the course is to teach the basic principles of evolutionary biology and the history of life on earth.

Below you will find basic information about the course. Visit the menu items at the top for more information.

Meeting time

The course is entirely online. The lectures (at least in the first half of the course) will involve pre-recorded 25-ish minute lectures, available in the Course Content section of our HuskyCT course, which you are encouraged to listen to before class (or at least starting right at 9:30), followed by on-line (synchronous) discussion sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00-10:45am). The online discussions use the Blackboard Collaborate component of HuskyCT; you will find a link on the left when you log into EEB-2245 in HuskyCT.


Futuyma, D. J., and M. Kirkpatrick. Evolution. 4th ed. Sinauer Associates/Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-1-60535-605-1).

Assigned readings and activities

Indicated on the lecture schedule. Please watch the lecture video (posted to HuskyCT) and read the assigned textbook pages before the lecture discussion begins.

If you are enrolled in EEB-2245…

Even though you are not enrolled in the W version of the course, you will nevertheless see rows in the HuskyCT My Grades section that pertain only to W students. If you are not in the W version of the course, you need not worry that you have no grade in grade book rows clearly labeled as part of the W course.

If you are enrolled in EEB-2245W…

This web site contains information for the lecture component of the course only. Please see Grading for information related to the W portion of the course.

Important Information

Privacy Statement

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